The Somerville Yogurt Making Coop (SYMC) is one of three urban food production cooperatives where members of the community share the responsibility for creating low-cost healthy food using a sustainable economic model. The other two coops sharing this model are the Somerville Granola Making Coop and the Somerville Fermenation Coop.


Why pay a corporation to make your yogurt when you can save money by making it yourself? One share of co-op yogurt costs $60 for 24 quarts which works out to $2.50 per quart. Members can sign up for any number of shares and can choose between whole milk and non-fat yogurt.


Why make yogurt yourself each week when you can save time by sharing the responsibility with a group? Members of the co-op receive one or more quarts of yogurt each week and are only required to make yogurt once every couple of months. Each week, two members spend one evening making yogurt for the whole group. No previous yogurt making experience is necessary.


Why add more plastic yogurt containers to the already overflowing landfills when you can reuse? Members receive their share of yogurt in reusable quart-sized glass jars. Jars are provided by the co-op. In addition, the milk used to make our yogurt is delivered by a dairy in reusable glass jugs which are returned to the dairy each week.


Why live a sad and isolated existence when you can join a group of really cool people who like working together? Okay, cool is subjective, but you will meet people who like working together. In addition to making yogurt with another member every couple of months, you can get to know other members at our quarterly potlucks.