How much does it cost to join?
Membership in the co-op cost $60 for each full share and $30 for each half share. A full share receives one quart of yogurt per week for 24 weeks. A half share receives one quart of yogurt every other week for 24 weeks. There is also an additional one time $12 refundable deposit. There are no other costs.

What kind of yogurt do you make?
The co-op makes plain yogurt using either whole milk or non-fat milk. There are no other ingredients besides the culture from the previous yogurt batch. Members can sign up to receive either whole milk or non-fat yogurt. Members can also change their preference during their term.

Where does the milk for making yogurt come from?
Our milk is delivered each week from  Crescent Ridge Farm in reusable glass jugs. Crescent Ridge Farm is located in Sharon, MA and gets their milk from a St. Albans Cooperative Creamery which is made up of over 500 member farms in Vermont. The milk is not certified organic, but is rBST-free and is small batch processed.

How often does each member make yogurt?
Each member is expected to make yogurt for the whole group twice during their 24-week term. Members always work in pairs so there is at least one experienced yogurt maker at each shift. Yogurt is made on Tuesday evenings and takes about 2.5 hours.

Can I join if I have never made yogurt before?
Yes. Previous yogurt making experience is not necessary. Most of our members join without having made yogurt before. Members always work in pairs, so there is at least one experienced yogurt maker at each shift. The process for making yogurt is pretty simple.

Where do you make yogurt?
The yogurt is made in the First Church Somerville (map) kitchen which is located at 89 College Avenue in Somerville just outside of Davis Square. Note that the co-op is not affiliated with the church and only leases the kitchen space.

When and where do members pick up their yogurt?
Members can pick up their yogurt each week at any hour between Thursday morning and Sunday evening at 8 pm from the First Church Somerville kitchen where the yogurt is made. Yogurt jars left in the fridge after 8 pm on Sunday are open to all members of the co-op to take.

Is it possible to skip a week?
Yes. A member can skip one or more weeks as long as the member lets the Dairy Fairies know by the Friday before yogurt-making. Advance notification of skipping one or more weeks results in either a discount on the cost of the next term (based on number of skipped weeks) or reimbursement if the member leaves the co-op.

When can I join?
Now. At present the co-op has spaces for new members and offers a rolling admission. New members should expect about two weeks for the staff to process their forms and set up their share in the system.

How can I join?
In order to join, you will need to complete an application form and mail it with an enclosed check to the address provided on the form.

Are there other required duties besides making yogurt?
No. Members may volunteer for any of the five staff positions when they are available. Members are also encouraged to, but by no means required to, attend the quarterly potlucks where we enjoy great food and talk about co-op business.

When was the SYMC founded?
The co-op was founded in November 2010.