New Member Overview

You can pick up your yogurt each week from First Church Somerville which is located at 89 College Ave. Somerville just outside of Davis Sq. The yogurt is located in the church kitchen which can be accessed from the door on Francesca Ave. If the door is locked there is an access key and code which you should have received in your welcome email. Your yogurt will be on the lower shelf of the refrigerator nearest to the door you entered and will be labeled with your member name.

Two jars will be assigned to you for each of your yogurt shares. The jars will have your member name and the letter N for non-fat or W for whole milk. You will receive these jars full of yogurt on your first and second weeks. After the first week, you will need to return one clean jar to the kitchen for each of your yogurt shares.

Returned jars should be placed on the wooden yogurt jar racks located in the corner of the kitchen on the steel counter. The posts on the racks are labeled with member’s names. There is one post per share. You should return only one jar for each share. Jars left beside the racks may be ignored by yogurt makers.

Picking up your yogurt
You may pick up your yogurt any time of day or night from Wednesday morning to Sunday at 8pm. Be aware that if you arrive early on Wednesday, the yogurt may not yet have been moved to the fridge. Any yogurt left after 8pm on Sunday becomes available for other members to take. Members who pick up extra yogurt are required to return the empty jars before the next yogurt shift. You may also send a request to the listserv if you know you will be late but still intend to pick up your yogurt.

Yogurt-making shifts
Before you start receiving yogurt, you will need to sign up for two yogurt making shifts during your term. If you have more than one share, you will need to sign up for an additional shift for each additional share. All shifts are shared so you will be working with another experienced member each time you make yogurt. Jack McGrath, the shift manager, will contact you to schedule these shifts.

Missing a week
If you need to skip a week or more of yogurt for any reason, please email Jack at least one week before. This way we will not make extra yogurt and you will be reimbursed at the end of your term.

Changing your share
If you would like to change your yogurt share from whole milk to non-fat milk or vice versa, please contact Jack. Note that it may take a couple of weeks to put the change into effect.

For more information
If you have not already done so, please sign up to join the listserv here. Though there is not much traffic on this list, all of our important communication happens here so it is best to sign up soon so you don’t miss any announcement.

Please check out the staff page here to find out who to contact for various questions, and please review the FAQ page here for anything that was not covered in this note.