Chief Financial Officer (Cheryl Scott)
Cheryl keeps a close watch on our income and expenditures. She makes sure we stay solvent and decides how much we have to spend on materials and new equipment. Please contact Cheryl about reimbursements or other financial matters.

Shift Manager (Sarah Clark)
Sarah is in charge of coordinating new co-op memberships and making sure everyone is signed up for their yogurt making shifts. She is also incharge of term renewals and skipped weeks. Please contact her by the Friday before yogurt-making if you know you will not need yogurt for the week, or if you will not need yogurt for an extended period of time.

Dairy Fairies (Lizzie Lundgren and Jack McGrath)
Lizzie adjusts our dairy order each week to make sure we have just the right amount of milk to make yogurt. She also posts the weekly jars sheet for the yogurt-makers. Jack maintains our grand yogurt-making spreadsheet that helps us ensure that yogurt gets made every week.

Manager of Intra-kitchen Transit (Lizzie Lundgren)
Lizzie moves the yogurt each Wednesday from the incubators to the fridge.

Jar Czar (Lenni Armstrong)
Lenni is responsible for assigning jars to new members, reassigning labels from whole-milk to non-fat and vice versa, and decommissioning jars when members leave the co-op. She also keeps track of extra jars that are checked out each week and makes sure these jars are returned. Please contact Lenni with any questions about your jars.